Who We Are

Our dream is to create a healthy generation through women’s empowerment

YRS is a service mainly for women, sis led by women and is mainly staffed by women. We have grown from small beginnings rooted in Bali’s traditional markets and everyone is welcome to attend our clinics.

We are a non-profit, non-government organisation. We were founded in 1999 and have provided free education programs and donation-based health services focusing on sexual and reproductive health since 2004. We work in Bali’s traditional markets because they are the centre of Balinese community life.

Our Vision:

To create a healthy generation through women’s empowerment.
Our Mission:Our mission is in three parts:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of sexual and reproductive health, and increase safe behaviour
  • Improve the sexual and reproductive health status of the community through high quality, accessible and affordable health services
  • Support women’s empowerment and gender equality

Watch our Founder and Director, Dr Sari explain what Yayasan Rama Sesana is doing.Addressing Goal 5 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – Working Towards Gender Equality Through Empowering Women and Girls – is a key focus of the YRS Program. Our program directly addresses one of the key targets of Goal 5 :“Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights as agreed in accordance with the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and the Beijing Platform for Action and the outcome documents of their review conferences.”Our services are free or donation-based to maximise accessibility to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive services for women who are already lacking in money. We have a large clinic at Tiara Grosir traditional market in Denpasar and a smaller clinic operating two days a week at Pasar Intaran in Sanur. We also operate mobile clinics to rural and remote areas of Bali.Our model is unique as it offers the low-income women in the local market community access to free or very low cost healthcare on their doorstep. Women in the market communities are at risk of health problems due to low education, low income, lack of information, long work hours, and lack of time. We give them the opportunity to prioritise their health without taking too much valuable time away from their daily activities.