Our Second Mobile Clinic in Jehem, Bangli

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Friday, 14 June 2017 is a very special day for YRS, we’re conducted a health services to one of the villages in Bangli regency, although a far enough distance is about 1 hour drive from Denpasar, the entire staff remains eager to give YRS health services. We visited at Jehem village, a very cool atmosphere so felt in the villages of the central part of the Bali island. In 2017 this is our second visit to this village.

Although it had rained but did not dampen the spirit of the villagers to receive health services from us, so as to make all the staff of YRS and students of UNDIKSHA who participated in cooperation activities became more and more excited.               The number of residents who receive service as many as 61 people, we provide reproductive health services, HIV test, the early detection of breast cancer and general health services. Implied happiness to welcome our presence back there. While waiting for our check-up we provide educational information of contraceptives, health reproductive and early breast cancer detection.

We would like to invite villagers to participate directly in the activities of this information delivery, they shamelessly participated as we know it that provided the material, originally there was a sense of awkward at the look on the faces of residents who are trying, but we assure that they certainly can and they can indeed, yes!!

Hopefully the benefits of the services we provide can be felt by all of the people there. Hopefully the next day we were able to reach the whole community who need health services, especially reproductive health care.

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