Our Mobile Clinic On January 2019

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Mobile clinic on January was conducted at Klungkung in Semarapura Kangin village and Karangasem in Sibetan village. Klungkung is our mobile clinic new region on 2019. Both of these villages are a new location of each region.

Mobile clinic on Karangasem successfully conduct in association with YRS mobile clinic peer. We successfully continue our previous mobile clinic peer program on this area. From these activities, we successfully reach our mobile clinic target.

This year we also conduct feasibility study of our services at ALC to assess the needs of ALC visitor and community around about sexual and reproductive services. This month we conduct with ALC Open Day event and reach 23 people from YPK client, Puspadi client, ALC staffs and ALC Open Day visitor. We will continue this services every month in this year.

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