Mobile Clinics bring smiles and better sexual health to Bali’s traditional markets!

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Yayasan Rama Sesana has been rolling out its Mobile Clinics twice a month this year, in order to reach even more low-income women in Bali’s traditional market communities. Thousands of Balinese women have extremely limited access to reproductive and sexual health services. To increase their access and to improve their lives and communities, YRS travels to traditional markets around the island to conduct Mobile Clinics, where they deliver Pap tests, HIV/AIDS and STI tests, breast examinations, counseling, treatment, education materials, as well as general health check-ups.

Mobile Clinics have been conducted in Desa Banjar Sekar Singaraja and Desa Kaliasem Singaraja in North Bali, Gubug Tabanan in West Bali, Susut Bangli in Central Bali, and Desa Intaran Sanur, Kedonganan and Renon in South Bali. They have also brought quality health services and support to women in traditional markets in the Denpasar area. Around 120 people participate in each Mobile Clinic.

Through its Mobile Clinic services, YRS is able to reach thousands of more Balinese women, and improve their health, their lives, and their communities. This is the number one goal of YRS, and the Mobile Clinics help to achieve this. All staff at YRS would like to give a very warm and appreciative terima kasih to all our wonderful donors and supporters. You are helping to create a healthy generation of women!


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