Mobile Clinic Services in Singaraja

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A mobile clinic was conducted in Singaraja at the local community center (Balai Banjar Lebah Desa Kaliasem) on Saturday, 9 May 2015. YRS was invited by the local leader to offer sexual and reproductive health services because they are not usually provided in the area.

YRS conducted the education and medical services from 8am to 1pm. 133 people received medical services, while 30 people received laboratory testing for STIs, Pap Test, and reproductive tract infections as well as general health services.

At the same time, education services were conducted through counseling and outreach activities in community houses around the location and in remote villages. 98 people received information about various health topics, especially sexual and reproductive health, through distribution of 204 booklets and brochures.

Besides the two main activities, nutritional support was distributed to two poor families who were met by YRS staff when they were conducting outreach activities.

The community was very enthusiastic about receiving the services of YRS. Hopefully the activities will continue to be conducted by YRS.

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