Mobile Clinic at Sidemen Village

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General Health Check

On October 19th 2019, Rama Sesana Foundation held a Mobile Clinic conduct at Sidemen Village, Karangasem. The majority of Sidemen villagers worked as weavers. In this mobile clinic, Rama Sesana Foundation provides several health services such as Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, General Health Services and VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) to detect the presence or absence of HIV virus in the blood. All health services provided are free of charge.

Health Education about Early Detection of Cervical and Breast Cancer

All of Sidemen Villagers were very enthusiastic during the activity, both during health services and health education. From these mobile clinics we reach more than 160 people with more than 100 people access cervical cancer screening and more than 100 people access breast cancer screening. In addition to providing health services, Rama Sesana Foundation also formed a Peer Educator whose members are 5 cadres of Sidemen Village. After the Peer Educator is formed, then Rama Sesana Foundation provides training so that so that peer educators become more confident in spreading education, especially about early detection of cervical cancer and breast cancer, so that education can be conveyed to the public effectively.

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