Fire at Pasar Badung – all YRS staff safe

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Dear friends and supporters,

As some of you may have heard, Pasar Badung, where YRS is located on the 4th floor, was afflicted by a very severe fire yesterday. According to news reports the fire was burning for more than 11 hours. The extent of the damage to the inside of the market is not yet known, but it is likely that all kiosks are completely destroyed. Thankfully all YRS staff had already left the building when the fire started at around 5.30, so we can confirm we are all safe.

Here is the message from Dr Sari:

I’m so sorry to inform you of the sad news about YRS. Badung Market was on fire last night. But we are safe! I was there until 1.20am, and the fire was still burning on the 2nd and 3rd floor, especially in the middle. The condition on the 4th floor (where YRS is located) is that the fire has damaged the center and east side.

The YRS clinic and offices are on the western side and the fire didn’t damage that part totally. However, on the 3rd floor on the west side just below YRS clinic, the fire was burning very strongly and harder in the center.

We will continue to observe the situation and discuss with the market management to have access to the YRS office, and if possible enter to save our documents and equipment.

We would now like to inform you of our plan and activities while we are waiting for the situation to return to normal, to ensure that YRS’ activities are still running.

1. Trying to save the documents and equipment when the condition of the building allows.

2. As we are unable to operate in Pasar Badung at the moment, all of our medical services will continue to run at our small clinic in Sanur.

3. The education activities will continue to run, and we will conduct many more in Kumbasari Market, Sanur Market and in several other markets around Denpasar where we have previously held mobile clinics.

4. The administrative activities will be conducted from the Secretariat.

For the next step, we will plan to look for an alternative place around Badung Market for a temporary base clinic, while Badung Market is being repaired.

We will continue to keep you updated with information about the progress of the situation.

Thank you for your deepest understanding, prayers and support.

Best regards,



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