After the Fire

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It’s been two weeks since the fire which destroyed the first three floors of Pasar Badung, and severely affected our medical and office equipment. We are still calculating the total cost of the damage. Pasar Badung has been completely evacuated and closed. We are extremely thankful however to have our Sanur clinic, and our Secretariat office in Sesetan, as these have become our new homes for the time being.

Despite this painful setback, Dr Sari and all staff are determined to maintain our education and medical programs in other markets. Before the fire our Sanur clinic at Pasar Intaran (Jl. Danau Tondano No. 1) was only open Tuesdays and Fridays, but we are now happy to open its doors from Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm. All are welcome to drop into the clinic for a check-up, for a donation. Our outreach staff will be conducting outreach activities in and around Pasar Intaran, and at Sanur’s Pasar Sindu too.

As we no longer have a base clinic in Pasar Badung, we will now have an increased focus on our education programs, and also our Mobile Clinic program. We are very fortunate that our new portable Ultrasound Machine had not yet been delivered to Pasar Badung before the fire. Because of our increased focus on Mobile Clinics, we are extremely thankful that our Ultrasound Machine services will still be able to be a big part of them!

All of our administrative duties have moved to our Secretariat office in Sesetan, where we are all busy formulating a new plan for the future. We are determined to continue helping the low-income women of Bali’s traditional market communities, and sincerely thank all of those who have offered their generous help, kind words and financial support.

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