YRS travels to Bali’s traditional markets around Denpasar to conduct Mobile Clinic

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YRS Mobile clinic

Mobile Clinic at Pasar Kereneng in Denpasar

This October, YRS Mobile Clinics have been conducted at Banjar Balun in Denpasar and traditional markets around Denpasar in order to reach even more Bali’s traditional market communities. YRS travels to Pasar Sanglah, Pasar Kumbasari, Pasar Kereneng, Pasar Anyarsari and Pasar Abiantimbul to conduct mobile clinic.

The mobile clinic services start from 8.30 am to 1 pm. The services include lab test for STIs, VIA test, Pap test for cervix cancer detection, breast checks for breast cancer early detection, Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV test and also general health checks. YRS also delivered education through outreach activities at market areas and Small Group Discussion while clients waiting for the check.


Through these activities 552 clients received medical services, 299 people educated and 162 brochures distributed. Through its Mobile Clinic services, YRS is able to reach thousands of more Balinese women, and improve their health, their lives, and their communities. This is the number one goal of YRS, and the Mobile Clinics help to achieve this.

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