YRS conducts Mobile Clinics

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Mobile Clinic in Kesiman Kertalangu

During January, YRS conducted two Mobile Clinics. The first Mobile Clinic was conducted in Nyuh Tebel on 7 January and the other was conducted in Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar on Sunday 15 January.

The YRS team delivered information about reproductive health in an education session

The Mobile Clinic in Kesiman Kertalangu was conducted in collaboration with Udayana University students as part of their community service program. The students organized the venue prior to the mobile clinic and with the head of the district government promoted the event to the community in Kesiman Kertalangu. On the day, the students assisted our staff with client registration, with delivering the education session and with managing the event in general. They also documented the mobile clinic.

The community was very enthusiastic. Many women came to check their reproductive health and we provided services including STI tests, Pap tests, VIA tests, breast checks and Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV tests. Many clients also came for a general health checks.

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