Our Mobile Clinic to Beautiful Village in Bangli.

  In this month YRS mobile clinic activities are done more to villages far away from the city and hospital regency. One of them is Landih village about 37 miles from Bangli city. To access this village, we passed small roky road.      Majority people occupation in this villafe was farmer with low knowledge…

Indonesian Nutrition Day

On 25th of January, is Indonesian National Nutrition day, YRS give attention to family nutrition through giving education to society around Tiara Grosir market, this activity done by YRS staff and Peer Educator. We also share the healthy snacks of green bean porridge to the people around the Tiara Grosir market.    

Online Medical Records

To date YRS has served over 20,000 clients, patient data and medical records to be a very important part of YRS services. Currently YRS still uses double recording for patient medical records that is by recording on paper and recording on the computer. The fire lesson 2 years ago inspired YRS to be able to…