Peer Educator Meeting on March 2020

[12/3] This month YRS has a meeting with Peer Educators to provide information that discusses the importance of maintaining health to avoid Corona Virus (Covid-19). Corona Virus is a virus that can infect the respiratory system, where this virus is known to originate from China. Symptoms of Corona Virus itself can we know, Gengs! ie…

Mobile Clinic at Tamblang Village

[14/3] Our first mobile clinic on March was held in Tamblang Village, Buleleng . That mobile clinic was successfully carried out because of the cooperation and support of the Kubutambahan II Public Health Center. The local community is very enthusiastic when listening to education and following the health services we provide. We hope that in…

Peer Educator Meeting on February

On this month, YRS holds a meeting with Peer Educators to discuss about cervical cancer. After that, the PE’s member after that go around to disseminate information to traders and visitors to Badung Market. In addition, this month’s meeting was held to commemorate World Cancer Day.#PeerEducatorMeeting #WorldCancerDay

Fundraising at Green School

To commemorate Valentine’s Day, the Rama Sesana Foundation participated in a fundraising event held at the Green School, Sibang Gede, Badung. #Fundraising #GreenSchool

Mobile Clinic at Buahan Village, Kintamani Bangli

Our last health service in February was carried out in Buahan Village, Kintamani, Bangli. Although the cold weather and rain not deter them to come for a check-up. This health service can be implemented because of the cooperation and support from the Kintamani IV Health Center and the Bangli District Health Office. Hopefully with this…