Rama Sesana Foundation’s Participation in World AIDS Day 2019

[December 1st 2019] Rama Sesana Foundation participated in the World AIDS Day that is organized by the Bali Provincial AIDS Commission. On this occasion, Rama Sesana Foundation received a certificate of appreciation from the Governor of Bali for the participation and contribution of Rama Sesana Foundation in the AIDS Prevention Program in the Province of…

Happy World AIDS Day

[December 1st] Happy World AIDS Day, Stay Away from the Disease Not The Person! #WorldAIDSDay #RamaSesanaFoundation

Mobile Clinic at Bontihing Village, Buleleng

[23/11/19] This month, Rama Sesana Foundation held another health service located in Bontihing Village, Buleleng. As usual, the enthusiasm of the villagers was very high to came and participated in this mobile clinic. The health services that we provided are General Health Services, Early Detection of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer and VCT (Voluntary Counselling…

World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is one of the biggest causes of death in the world, which is not only caused by hereditary factors, but can also be caused by unhealthy lifestyle factors. Let’s increase our concern for ourselves and our families by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, reducing excess sugar intake, and checking blood sugar levels regularly!…

55th National Health Day

Happy 55th National Health Day! Let’s cultivate a healthy life style to form a Healthy Generation and Indonesia Excellence! #NationalHealthDay2019 #55thNationalHealthDay #RamaSesanaFoundation