YRS Mobile Services in Pasar Banjar, Banjar Sekar, Singaraja

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On 24 January YRS conducted a mobile clinic in Pasar Banjar in Banjar Sekar, Singaraja. This mobile clinic was the first to use YRS’ own car (previously YRS used rented or private cars for its mobile clinic services). The car was purchased with funds generously raised by the Australian Consulate General in Bali, and will be extremely useful for assisting the provision of mobile clinic services.

During this mobile clinic, 172 clients received sexual and reproductive health services; most of them were women who work in the market community and its surrounding areas. 40 women received a Pap smear examination and early detection for reproductive tract infections, 11 received VCT test (HIV testing), and more than 100 received general health services and counseling.

The communities receiving the mobile clinic services all responded extremely positively, as these health services are infrequently offered by other health services in their areas. YRS also received great enthusiasm from local community leaders who supported the activity from the beginning to the end.

YRS is optimistic that its mobile services will reach more people, especially women in rural and remote areas, in order for them to receive sexual and reproductive health services.

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