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Two pathways to empower low-income women in Bali

With a team of skilled educators, experienced doctors, nurses, midwives and outreach workers, Yayasan Rama Sesana is renowned throughout Bali as a vibrant, reliable organisation dedicated to improving the health of the low-income women in Bali.

We follow two pathways to empower women in relation to sexual and reproductive health.  Long term change is achieved by education while immediate issues are diagnosed and treated at our community health clinics by donation or for free.

We work in traditional markets because they are the centre of community life.  We have community health clinics at Tiara Grosir Market in Denpasar and at Intaran Sanur Market.  We also operate mobile clinics and education programs to rural communities.  Since 2004 we have seen over 24,000 individual clients and educated over 72,000 people in Bali about sexual and reproductive health.


BIWA and Hatten Wines support our pap test for cervical cancer screening program

Commemorate to Indonesia Independence Day, we received special support from BIWA associate with Hatten Wines to help our cervical cancer screening program. They help us to almost all the women trader in New Pasar Badung to received pap test as cervical cancer screening. We feel really helpful to BIWA that help us to reach our…

Mobile Clinic At Bhuana Giri and Sibetan Village

Mobile clinic services conduct at Karangasem in Bhuana Giri village and Sibetan village. Mobile clinic at Karangasem was a remote area locates near the Agung Mountain. Their villages and health facilities distance is quiet far so that they rarely checks health status especially reproductive health. Mobile clinic in Karangasem conducted in association with our mobile…

Our Major Partners

Our work is only possible with the assistance of our major partners who work closely with us to achieve our mission to create a generation of healthy women in Bali.