Voices of Change

Every day at Yayasan Rama Sesana, we hear stories. Stories from women whose lives have changed because they crossed paths with us through our health education and clinical services. We call these women the Voices of Change. We love their stories and want to share them with you.

Due to the personal nature of these stories, names have been changed and photos are not representative of the person in the story.

Ibu Made

Market labourer at Pasar Badung

Healthy, respectful relationships…

Voices of Change: Ibu Made (English version)

Suara Perubahan: Ibu Made (versi Bahasa Indonesia)

Ibu Susi

Shopper at Pasar Badung

“YRS are the answer and the best gift for all women with reproductive health problems”

Voices of Change: Ibu Susi (English version)

Suara Perubahan: Ibu Susi (versi Bahasa Indonesia)