Meet Our Staff

Dr. Luh Putu Upadisari: YRS Founder (1999) and YRS Director, Dr. Sari graduated from Medical School in 1991 and is currently completing a Masters in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Udayana University, Bali). Dr. Sari is a General Practitioner with many years of experience in private and government health care facilities, as well as three years for Yayasan Kerti Praja (another non-profit organisation working with HIV/AIDS) and three years as a Project Manager for the Indonesia HIV/AIDS and STDs Prevention and Care Project (AusAID), working on a prevalence study of STDs and HIV/AIDS. Her work through YRS has been recognised with a number of awards.

Dr. Agusta

Dr. Dewa Putu Agusta Cahya Udayana: Program Manager and Medical Doctor since 2015. Dr. Agusta graduated from Medical School (Warmadewa University, Bali).


Gusti Ayu Kade Irmayani, S.E: Accounting since 2015. Irma completed a degree in Economics and Accounting.


Ni Putu Srianti: Lab Analyst since 2013. Srianti graduated from Analyst in 2008.

Staff_Gung Wahyuni

I Gusti Ayu Wahyuni: Nurse/Outreach Worker since April 2011. Wahyuni graduated from the School of Nursing in 1998.


D. K. Ovy Puspita Dewi, A.Md., Keb: Midwife since 2014. Ovy graduated with a degree in Midwifery.


Ni Wayan Linda Valentin, A.Md., Keb: Midwife/Outreach Worker since 2015. Linda as an Education Coordinator in YRS Bali. Linda graduated with a degree in Midwifery.


Ns. A.A. Ayu Chandra Laksmi, S.Kep: Nurse/Outreach Worker since 2015. Graduated from the School of Nursing in 2014. Gung Ayu as a Mobile Clinic Coordinator in YRS Bali.


Ni Putu Sriwahyuni, S.KM: Data Officer since 2015. Yuni graduated from the Scool of Public Health in 2014.



Peer Educators: There are 15 Peer Educators who volunteer with YRS in the Traditional Market, providing information to the public.